Review of “More Than We Can Tell” by Brigid Kemmerer.

Hey! This is my 2nd blog for this week. And I’m very exited to review this book, I enjoyed this book, very much. And this is another fiction book, it has a story which is kind of like Warcross by Marie Lu, but it isn’t completely like Warcross. This book is not my fav, but if you like books Warcross, I would totally recommend it. So let’s begin. Age 13+.

Two characters, Rev Fletcher and Emma Blue, struggle with their own personal lives.

Emma has problems with someone who’s been threatening her, on a online game she built herself, and with her parents(mostly her mom).

Rev faces problems because, his real father who he hasn’t met in many years, is now sending him letters and Emails.

They both study in the same school, and Rev is Emma’s senior. They meet each-other in front of a church, they both discuss their problems and try to help. One day Emma get’s into trouble, (spoiler) Emma gets into the car of a half-stranger, who she knew because of her game, the same day Rev meets his dad.

What happens to Emma Blue? Read the book to find out.


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