Review of “Warcross” by Marie Lu.

Hey there! Here I am with my 3rd blog for this week, and I am crazy about this book. It’s my all time favorite. I finished reading it in a day and wanted to lay my hands on it’s sequel right at that moment. I just love the way Marie Lu has put the story into appropriate words. This is a science fiction book, and it is AMAZING!! So here it goes. Age 12+. Warcross is a game created by a billionaire, Hideo Tanaka from Tokyo.

Emika Chen, a bounty-hunter and teenager who hacks, makes her living by catching illegal Warcross players. One day Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the Warcross Championship, and ends-up being visible to all the players present there. This incident makes her famous in one night, there are posters of her, she’s been spoken about in news, and the local-news stations want to talk to her.

Hideo Tanaka, the creator of Warcross, invites her to Tokyo-Japan, and offers her a job. He wants her to participate in the game, and help him find someone named “Zero”. She accepts the offer, and becomes friends with Hideo. In the first-official game “Zero” almost kills Hideo. Emika tries to warn Hideo, but he doesn’t listen.

“Zero” gives a proposal to Emika too, and now it is Emika’s choice to help either “Zero” or Hideo! Read the book to know – Who does Emika Chen help? Who is “Zero”? Why does “Zero” wish to kill Hideo?


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