Review of “Refugee” by Alan Gratz.

This book gave me the goosebumps. I understood the book and liked it too, but this book isn’t my type, as I read more of fiction. But one has to also experience different types to understand what he/she likes the most. So I picked this book, about 340 pages. It’s a Historical Fiction book, about 3 kids, all from different generations. They are refugees from 3 different places. So let’s start. Age 11+.

Josef Landau, is in Berlin-Germany, in the year 1938. He is a Jew and the Nazis are attacking all the Jewish people in Germany. He, his mom and sister Ruthie run away from home as the Nazis take away Josef’s father Aaron Landau, because he continues to practice law despite the fact that Jews are forbidden to do so under the Civil Service Restoration Act of 1933. Josef tries to save his dad, but he is just 12 years old. He and is family get into the St. Louis, a ship sailing to Havana-Cuba and onward to Vornay-France via Miami-US.

Isabel Fernandez, is just outside Havana-Cuba, in the year 1994. Riots plaguing her country, and she realizes she & her family have to leave Cuba to seek safety in America. Her best friend and his dad are making a raft already, to sail out of Cuba and reach the US. Her family and her best friend’s family set out in the ocean, from Havana-Cuba, onto Miami-US via the Bahamas.

Mahmoud Bishara, is in Aleppo-Syria, in the year 2015. Syria is being torn apart, bombs destroying it like no ones business. He and his family set out to Berlin-Germany to find themselves living a happy life.

The 3 of them are from 3 different places and 3 different decades, but they all have one mission and that is “Escape”.

Read the book to find out – Does Josef live or not after such a dramatic journey? Does Isabel reach the US safely? Does Mahmoud and his family live the happy life they hoped for?


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