Review of “Juniper Lemon’s HAPPINESS INDEX” by Julie Israel.

GUYS I’m back! And this book is…. nice. I have read it twice, but couldn’t understand it very well. Genre- Fiction, I feel that the author (Julie Israel) might have forgotten the main point of the book. From a mysterious story, it completely changed to romance, where the protagonist (Juniper) puts all her attention on a guy. In the end, it’s again a mysterious story. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyways, I wouldn’t judge the book, because each person has a different understanding. So let’s see what I’ve got. Age 12+.

Juniper Lemon, lost her sister in an accident, which ripped Juniper’s world apart. One day she discovers a letter written by her sister, Camilla, addressed to “you”. Juniper wants to find out, who is “you”? Juniper starts to probe.

Everything is going on track, until Juniper loses a card from the Happiness Index (cards on which she rates the day). She soon gets help from her friend, and finds out the truth about Camilla’s death.

How did Camilla die? Who is You? Read the book to find out! ๐Ÿ™‚


Review of “Refugee” by Alan Gratz.

This book gave me the goosebumps. I understood the book and liked it too, but this book isn’t my type, as I read more of fiction. But one has to also experience different types to understand what he/she likes the most. So I picked this book, about 340 pages. It’s a Historical Fiction book, about 3 kids, all from different generations. They are refugees from 3 different places. So let’s start. Age 11+.

Josef Landau, is in Berlin-Germany, in the year 1938. He is a Jew and the Nazis are attacking all the Jewish people in Germany. He, his mom and sister Ruthie run away from home as the Nazis take away Josef’s father Aaron Landau, because he continues to practice law despite the fact that Jews are forbidden to do so under the Civil Service Restoration Act of 1933. Josef tries to save his dad, but he is just 12 years old. He and is family get into the St. Louis, a ship sailing to Havana-Cuba and onward to Vornay-France via Miami-US.

Isabel Fernandez, is just outside Havana-Cuba, in the year 1994. Riots plaguing her country, and she realizes she & her family have to leave Cuba to seek safety in America. Her best friend and his dad are making a raft already, to sail out of Cuba and reach the US. Her family and her best friend’s family set out in the ocean, from Havana-Cuba, onto Miami-US via the Bahamas.

Mahmoud Bishara, is in Aleppo-Syria, in the year 2015. Syria is being torn apart, bombs destroying it like no ones business. He and his family set out to Berlin-Germany to find themselves living a happy life.

The 3 of them are from 3 different places and 3 different decades, but they all have one mission and that is “Escape”.

Read the book to find out – Does Josef live or not after such a dramatic journey? Does Isabel reach the US safely? Does Mahmoud and his family live the happy life they hoped for?

Review of “Warcross” by Marie Lu.

Hey there! Here I am with my 3rd blog for this week, and I am crazy about this book. It’s my all time favorite. I finished reading it in a day and wanted to lay my hands on it’s sequel right at that moment. I just love the way Marie Lu has put the story into appropriate words. This is a science fiction book, and it is AMAZING!! So here it goes. Age 12+. Warcross is a game created by a billionaire, Hideo Tanaka from Tokyo.

Emika Chen, a bounty-hunter and teenager who hacks, makes her living by catching illegal Warcross players. One day Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the Warcross Championship, and ends-up being visible to all the players present there. This incident makes her famous in one night, there are posters of her, she’s been spoken about in news, and the local-news stations want to talk to her.

Hideo Tanaka, the creator of Warcross, invites her to Tokyo-Japan, and offers her a job. He wants her to participate in the game, and help him find someone named “Zero”. She accepts the offer, and becomes friends with Hideo. In the first-official game “Zero” almost kills Hideo. Emika tries to warn Hideo, but he doesn’t listen.

“Zero” gives a proposal to Emika too, and now it is Emika’s choice to help either “Zero” or Hideo! Read the book to know – Who does Emika Chen help? Who is “Zero”? Why does “Zero” wish to kill Hideo?

Review of “More Than We Can Tell” by Brigid Kemmerer.

Hey! This is my 2nd blog for this week. And I’m very exited to review this book, I enjoyed this book, very much. And this is another fiction book, it has a story which is kind of like Warcross by Marie Lu, but it isn’t completely like Warcross. This book is not my fav, but if you like books Warcross, I would totally recommend it. So let’s begin. Age 13+.

Two characters, Rev Fletcher and Emma Blue, struggle with their own personal lives.

Emma has problems with someone who’s been threatening her, on a online game she built herself, and with her parents(mostly her mom).

Rev faces problems because, his real father who he hasn’t met in many years, is now sending him letters and Emails.

They both study in the same school, and Rev is Emma’s senior. They meet each-other in front of a church, they both discuss their problems and try to help. One day Emma get’s into trouble, (spoiler) Emma gets into the car of a half-stranger, who she knew because of her game, the same day Rev meets his dad.

What happens to Emma Blue? Read the book to find out.

Review of “See You In The Cosmos” by Jack Cheng.

Hey! I’m back with another review, this book isn’t a normal fiction book. This is a realistic-fiction book, and I love this book, because it is the only book I have ever read up until now, which is so different. I was so eager to learn about the end of this story, that I finished the book in a day. Usually this is my reading speed. I take a day or 2 at most to complete a 370-500 pages book. Anyways, lets begin. Age 11+.

Alex is a 11 year old boy who is space obsessed. He struggles to find answers to his questions, because his dad died a long-long time ago. He has an elder brother who doesn’t live in the same house as he, and his troubled mother doesn’t care about what he does unless he troubles her. Alex wants to launch his iPod into space with recordings of sounds on Earth – How exciting! He goes to a rocket festival which is in a desert near Albuquerque in New Mexico called SHARF (South-west High Altitude Rocket Festival). Alex then finds 2 friends, Zed & Steve. He convinces them to drive him to Las Vegas because (spoiler ahead) he got an Email from showing his dad’s name, Joseph David Petroski, with the same date of birth, except he was in LA instead of Rockview where he lived, and it said he was married to someone named Donna, but that wasn’t his mom’s name.

After he reaches LA, he goes to his dad’s house and finds a girl who says his father died 8 years ago. And she turns out to be Alex’s half-sister.

Does Alex get his iPod into space? Read the book to know more about this story!

Review of “Pretty Little Liars” by Sara Shepard.

This series consists of 3 parts=15 books. This review is of the 1st part of the series=4 books (pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, Unbelievable). Personally, I love these books because it has just the right mix of mystery, crime and friendship. I chose this book because, previously I read the series Lying game by Sara Shepard, and I loved the writing style and the genre of the books she has written. So let’s begin with the review and I hope this interests you! Age-12 and above.

A group of friends:

Alison DiLaurentis-Perfect, pretty yet very manipulative.

Spencer Hastings-beautiful, courageous and brave enough to stand up against Alison and her tricks.

Aria Montgomery-Not known in rosewood and can’t stand up for herself.

Emily Fields-Has secret feelings for girls. 1st one is Alison.

Hannah Marine-Overweight and craves to be perfect like her friends.

Alison disappears during a sleepover at Spencer’s house at the end of their 7th grade summer. After Alison disappears, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hannah are no more friends. And Alison isn’t gone only for a month or 2, but for 3 years, later in their 9th grade the 4 girls receive threatening messages from “A”, who threatens to leak their darkest secrets which only Alison knew. Read the books to get to know who’s A and what happened to Alison!!

Comment down below, if you have any questions. And any book recommendations.