Review of “Juniper Lemon’s HAPPINESS INDEX” by Julie Israel.

GUYS I’m back! And this book is…. nice. I have read it twice, but couldn’t understand it very well. Genre- Fiction, I feel that the author (Julie Israel) might have forgotten the main point of the book. From a mysterious story, it completely changed to romance, where the protagonist (Juniper) puts all her attention on a guy. In the end, it’s again a mysterious story. 😦 Anyways, I wouldn’t judge the book, because each person has a different understanding. So let’s see what I’ve got. Age 12+.

Juniper Lemon, lost her sister in an accident, which ripped Juniper’s world apart. One day she discovers a letter written by her sister, Camilla, addressed to “you”. Juniper wants to find out, who is “you”? Juniper starts to probe.

Everything is going on track, until Juniper loses a card from the Happiness Index (cards on which she rates the day). She soon gets help from her friend, and finds out the truth about Camilla’s death.

How did Camilla die? Who is You? Read the book to find out! 🙂