Review of “See You In The Cosmos” by Jack Cheng.

Hey! I’m back with another review, this book isn’t a normal fiction book. This is a realistic-fiction book, and I love this book, because it is the only book I have ever read up until now, which is so different. I was so eager to learn about the end of this story, that I finished the book in a day. Usually this is my reading speed. I take a day or 2 at most to complete a 370-500 pages book. Anyways, lets begin. Age 11+.

Alex is a 11 year old boy who is space obsessed. He struggles to find answers to his questions, because his dad died a long-long time ago. He has an elder brother who doesn’t live in the same house as he, and his troubled mother doesn’t care about what he does unless he troubles her. Alex wants to launch his iPod into space with recordings of sounds on Earth – How exciting! He goes to a rocket festival which is in a desert near Albuquerque in New Mexico called SHARF (South-west High Altitude Rocket Festival). Alex then finds 2 friends, Zed & Steve. He convinces them to drive him to Las Vegas because (spoiler ahead) he got an Email from showing his dad’s name, Joseph David Petroski, with the same date of birth, except he was in LA instead of Rockview where he lived, and it said he was married to someone named Donna, but that wasn’t his mom’s name.

After he reaches LA, he goes to his dad’s house and finds a girl who says his father died 8 years ago. And she turns out to be Alex’s half-sister.

Does Alex get his iPod into space? Read the book to know more about this story!


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